Stacking and Nesting Containers

Heavy duty plastic bi-colour boxes that both stack and nest.

180 degree stacking and nesting plastic containers nest inside each other when not in use (saving you valuable storage space) and stack when full. The container's bi-colour design requires a 180 degree rotation to enable them to either stack or nest. The bi-colour containers clearly identify stacking and nesting positions to prevent accidentally crushing the contents by stacking in the wrong orientation.

Perforated containers are also available to allow air to circulate, these containers are a great solution for storing perishable goods such as fruit, vegetables, and other food items.
These containers are compatible with our 600 x 400mm dollies or stack side-by-side on our universal dolly.

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Lid For Stacking And Nesting Boxes

600 x 400mm Lids for 180 degree stacking and nesting containers.

Measurements (L, W, H)600 x 400mm Lids for 180 degree stacking and nesting containers.
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Ref code61046 / LI104604
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Dolly For 600 x 400mm Boxes

Measurements (L, W, H)
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)