Large Tote Boxes & Attached Lid Containers

Large Integral hinged lid plastic tote boxes with interlocking teeth.

Our large attached lid containers and tote boxes have a huge capacity. They are used professionally for commercial and office moves and to transport large computer and related equipment.

Our large attached lid containers come in 80L (710 x 460 x 368mm), 135L (1125 x 480 x 360mm) and 160L (675 x 575 x 615mm). All our large hinged lid crates are made from polypropylene which makes them very strong and durable. You can use these crates again and again.

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Universal Dolly 860 x 620mm

Carries two stacks of 600 x 400mm containers.

CapacityMax Load: 250KG
Measurements (L, W, H)
860 x 620MMM 
Max Load: 500 Kg
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Ref codeDO795904
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Tamper Evident Seals (Bag of 500)

Tamper evident security seals.

Measurements (L, W, H)
Tamper evident security seals for tote boxes (Attached Lid Containers) 10020 (20L), 10040 (40L), 10A5B (54L), 10A6B (64L), 10083 (80L). 

MaterialPolypropylene (PP)